From private transportation solutions for your holidays, to accessing remote areas in Colombia for science or media project, we bring forward a large network of professionals to provide you with efficient and affordable logistics in Colombia

Transportation & Logistics

Private transportation for your holidays :

– Contact us for a personalized quote based on your itinerary

– Advice on travel time, best places to go, road work and driving times.

– Drivers and guides, help with your trip planning and ideas on where to go!

Logistical solution for professionals :

– Contact us for any access, scouting, fixing or local contacts

– Media and Science projects

– Access to remote areas and any other logistical challenges




Price depends on the vehicle, the duration of the rental and the guiding service you’d like to add.

Price from

100 to 200

USD / day

What they say:


Cocuy and Chicamocha : Ice to Desert

Experience expansive and breathtaking views from an aerial, river and mountain perspective. A true outdoor adventure into the heart of Colombia’s ‘Grand Canyon’.

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Samana River Float trip

Enjoy a relaxed river trip, with overnight at lodge by the river, fish, float, birdwatch and hike to caves and petroglyphs on the highly curated experience

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Trekking Colombia holiday

Best Colombia Trekking

In a true backcountry experience, trek through Colombia’s pristine wilderness and gain a rural perspective, stopping in remote communities along the way.

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Colombian Cities Discovery

Discover three distinct cultural flavors of the country: the artistic and intellectual tone of Bogota, warm and welcoming “paisa” attitude of Medellin, and colorful colonial old feel of Cartagena.

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