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  • Pacific Coast Holidays : Choco Discovery

    Discover the Pacific coast of Colombia ! Still out of the tourists path but yet ready to welcome you with all the necesary comfort required by perfect beach holidays !

  • Caribbean Coast Exploration

    We invite you to discover the golden beaches and luscious, breathtaking mountains where the culture matches the warmth of the land on this quick Caribbean getaway.

  • Colombia’s Hidden Caribbean

    Discover the myriad ecosystems, cultures and landscapes as you sail, trek and float along Colombia’s northern coast.

  • Car & Driver

    Traveling to Colombia but looking for doing it your way ? We understand and will help you making your trip come true, by providing you with the best drivers and vehicles of Colombia.

  • Relaxed Colombia Holiday

    Experience the the country’s warm and welcoming atmosphere on the relaxed “Colombian Time.” Enjoy unique tours taking you from dazzling cities to lush coffee lands and warm waters.

  • Caribbean Sailing Expedition

    Sail through a myriad of Afro-Caribbean cultures and mesmerizing blue waters. Take it easy as you cruise and explore the surrounding environment by kayak, snorkel, scuba and hike.

  • Colombian Cities Discovery

    Discover three distinct cultural flavors of the country: the artistic and intellectual tone of Bogota, warm and welcoming “paisa” attitude of Medellin, and colorful colonial old feel of Cartagena.