• Carrera 43e #11a-15, Barrio Manila, Medelln
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We are happy to accommodate custom requests and special trips in addition to what is displayed. Please contact us below for any custom trips. 

About Us

Expedition Colombia is a collective of dedicated guides, conservationists and professional athletes. We are passionate about the use of adventure tourism as a tool to protect Colombia’s cultural and natural treasures.

Over years of exploration we have discovered Colombia’s unlimited potential for multi-sport experiences and have created a unique line-up of expeditions to help you discover the hidden paradises that exist here.


  • Carrera 43 E # 11a-15, Barrio Manila, Medellín, Colombia
  • (+57) 314 846-4540 - Español/Français
  • (+57) 312 303-4853 - Español/English

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