Your Safety - Our Priority

We take your safety seriously, because we care and because in order to share with you a good experience it also has to be safe.That doesn’t mean we put the fun aside, we simply work hard to keep the risks away.

From the way we treat your personal data, to the way we run our company and the level of experience we require from our guides and drivers, our primary concern is your safety. We train, prepare, study and work with passion, and we look forward to share Colombia with you! 

We are certified & legal

Regulations exist for a reasons, so we work hard to be always at the tip of the spear when it comes to having the right paperwork and the latest certifications.

We are a registered Colombian business. We yearly renew our National tourism operation permits and all the adventure sports, sustainability and worker’s safety certifications. It’s more, we participate actively in the national tourism regulation council and work together with government agencies and particular to improve tourism regulations and quality in Colombia.

... and so are our guides.

Having a good guide is fundamental to having a good day, and we know it. In fact, our team is like a big family and we look forward to welcome you into it!

Although they come from diverse backgrounds, the guides at Expedition Colombia always share 3 similarities: their smile, their in depth knowledge of the activity and the area they work in and all their certifications and paperworks up to dates. We are good people, passionate about sharing good adventures in Colombia with you!