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What We Do

Rafting Colombia Medellin

Medellín Rafting

Medellin is Colombia's ideal rafting destination for it's pristine rivers, fun rapids, warm water and climate.

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Kayak Colombia

Join our world-renowned kayak guides to improve your paddling skills and experience Colombia's rivers.

horseback riding in coffee farm

Cultural Tours

We foster unique travel immersion experiences, taking you to the roots of Colombia's cultural heritage.

rio verde waterfall drone shot


See how you can be part of our commitment to protect Colombia's clean, fishable and swimmable rivers.

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Trekking Colombia

From tropical rainforest jungle to snowy mountain peaks, trek in Colombia with knowledgeable guides.

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Multisport Adventures

Use adventure sports to reach Colombia's most iconic natural and cultural experiences. Group and custom itineraries.

Explore the wilder side of Colombia

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What People Say

“Incredible Active Holiday adventure from La Guajira to Rafting the Rio Verde and every amazing sight in between! Jules and the staff at Expedition Colombia helped us to plan an AMAZING itinerary, but once we began our active holiday, the places we went and sights we experienced were beyond anything I could’ve dreamed. The entire trip was truly extraordinary. I figured Colombia was a beautiful place, but everything far surpassed all of my expectations!”

June, 2017, Trip Advisor

“These guys are organized and passionate about every aspect of the trip; from the rafting to the surroundings you pass through, and bringing awareness to the challenges facing Colombia rivers and ecosystems. Safety measures are fully covered, and rafters are fully equipped with all necessary gear, including a fulfilling lunch along the way. There is so much to take in, therefore a second go is practically a must and well worth it.”

May, 2017, Trip Advisor

“Fantastic hiking and rafting experience! We just concluded a fantastic experience with Expedition Colombia. Our family of four, including 2 teenagers, was picked up at our hotel, driven to the starting point for our excursion, then hiked 2 1/2 hours to the Rio Verde. It was a two day hiking and whitewater rafting experience, with an overnight at the jungle “camp”. It was a fantastic experience all around – the guides (Mael and Theo) were personable, experienced and knowledgeable. We loved the whitewater rafting on the Rio Verde and the experience of camping in the jungle. As with other reviewers on trip advisor, we swam in the river, jumped off rocks and ran the rapids. The water was warm and the scenery beautiful.”

May, 2017, Trip Advisor

My couple and I did a three days experience with Expedition Colombia, the communication was excellent all the time, everything was so easy and they helped us a lot. The first day had an amazing experience doing rafting. Everything was so organized, following the safety regulations and the river rafting was unbelievable and quite extreme. The second and third day we did trekking inside of the beauty of Colombia’s landscapes, we met so two beautiful families that allowed us to stay with them, they take care of us, but also, they cooked for us even though that we are vegan. They did not know what was vegan, but they did a little research to be sure that we were taking care of us properly. This trip changed our life and definitely made us feel more grateful about life and nature. We really thank Expedition Colombia for helping us to have this beautiful and life changing experience, for organizing everything and taking care of these two vegans.

May 2019, Trip Advisor

We went with Expedition Colombia on a rafting trip down the Rio Verde and it was one of the most incredible experiences we’ve had in Colombia so far and we’ve been here for a couple months. The team was very helpful, informational, and a pleasure to spend time with. The journey to the river was beautiful, the lunch was eco-friendly and delicious, and the rafting trip was incredibly unique and beautiful. The river is secluded, very untouched, and surrounded by jungle, rafting down it was a unique and different way to see nature in colombia. Definitely recommend this adventure!

June 2019, Trip Advisor

We had an incredible fantastic experience with expedition colombia. First day we had amazing coffee farm tour, with Marcos. On Fredonia Coffe farm we got pampering hospitality from staff, leaded by Felippe and it was a setting up for next day- Rio Verde rafting. Although we came in the middle of rain season, we had also almost a good weather and mainly we had a lot of water. Jonathan and Maël were the perfect guides and they provided us a perfecr guidance throught a white water. We had a bath in middle of waterfall, ate a lunch in middle of jungle and even it was only 2 hours from the Medellin, we felt like a explorers of jungle. Great.

April 2019, Trip Advisor

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