The Paramo Trek is a challenging high-altitude hike takes you to a journey in the Andes through one of Colombia’s rarest mountain ecosystems. Enjoy lunch in the wilderness and have the chance to visit the charming village of Belmira. The fitness level required for this hike is a 4 out of a 5. Get ready for serious, heart-raising physical activity! The more physically fit you are, the more you’ll enjoy these challenging, committing activities.


  • Hike through Páramo de Belmira National Park
  • Visit the charming town of Belmira, meaning beautiful view
  • Encounter endemic plants of the high-altitude páramo ecosystem, Colombia’s rarest environment
  • Panoramic views of Andean mountain ranges
  • Bilingual adventure guide (languages: Spanish, English, French)



  • Meet your professional guide at 7 a.m. at our offices near Poblado (Cra. 43e #11a-13, Medellín).
  • Start a scenic drive for 2 hours to Belmira village.
  • Climb a steep incline for 2 hours until you reach Lake “Bebedero” in National Park of Belmira.
  • Enjoy lunch and snacks at the lake.
  • Continue to walk for 4 hours in a loop on an intermediate trail back to the village of Belmira.
  • Return to Medellín by 6 pm* traffic dependent.

After breakfast, meet your bilingual guide at 7 a.m. at our offices near Poblado (Cra. 43e #11a-13, Medellín). Our hiking guide greets you to drive two hours to the village of Belmira, a Spanish-style town located at an altitude of 2,500 m. From the Belmira Cathedral and plaza, take on your intermediate day hike and climb nearly 700 meters in elevation.

As you hike, encounter endemic plants you may have never seen before in your life and discover Colombia’s rarest ecosystem: high-altitude páramo. Páramo are high alpine zones just above the forest line and below the permanent snowline which, according to scientists, are “evolutionary hot spots” with some of the fastest evolving plant systems in the world. In this landscape it is difficult to place where you are: desert, coral reef, high-altitude tundra? There are mountainsides of cacti circling alpine lakes, coral-like plants growing from marshes, and blossoming flowers on succulent plants.

Although all plants are distinct, they share an ability to absorb great amounts of water in the most arid of conditions. For this reason, the Páramo, and not the Amazon rainforest, is largely responsible for Colombia’s water supply. This ecosystem stores water in marshes that drain into groundwater to supply countless Andean rivers. After your hike, drive two hours back to Medellín and return to your boutique hotel located in Poblado by 6 p.m.


  • Professional bilingual guide
  • Comfortable transport
  • Lunches, and snacks with option to purchase bottled water
  • Excellent vegetarian, vegan options, gluten-free options* Tell us 1 day in advance if you have any dietary needs or allergies
  • Expert bilingual adventure and cultural guides (languages: Spanish, French, English)
  • Colombian insurance

  • For the hike: sturdy hiking shoes,1 warm fleece (top), hiking pants, rain jacket
  • Daypack
  • Repellent
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and hat
  • Refillable water bottle or purchase bottled water
  • Excellent vegetarian, vegan, gluten- free, and other dietary options* please notify us in advance of any special needs
  • Enjoy a picnic lunch overlooking the mountain range
  • Please bring a refillable water bottle or opt to purchase bottled water


Joined group of 3+

Solo Private

2 Person Private

3 Person Private

4 Person Private

For larger groups and groups who want to customize the trip, please contact us directly for the price.

100% deposit must be made 3 days before the trip, for last minute payment and reservation request contact Expedition Colombia. All payment must be done through our booking platform, or via a deposit in our Bancolombia bank account.

*All our prices above do not include IVA.

  1. According to the Colombian tax system, foreigners are exempted for the IVA.
  2. For Colombian residents, citizens and
    foreigners living in Colombia for more than 6 months, 50 % of the total IVA
    will be charged and the other half will be covered by the company.
  3. For companies or agencies, the total IVA will be charged.

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