4 days Rafting

The Samana Fest is back ! Once again, the gathering will bring a wicked fun and a rallying howl for conservation. Located in Antioquia, the Samana is the jewel of the Magdelena valley.

Born from a maze of jungle, overhung by covered mountains, and fed by abundant tropical rains, her waters are both pristine and full of life, while the adjacent lush jungle unfolds a bio-diversity as lavish as that of the Amazone. This festival aims at raising awareness on her impending wipeout! As you may know, Project Porvenir 2, a proposed 130 meter, all-concret arch dam, has been approved. If construction is completed and the life sucked out of the river, what was once part of nature’s legacy to humanity will be turned into 356 MWG of private interest primarily destined to power on-site mining operations.

 In an effort to preserve Colombia's bio-diversity and authentic rural lifestyle, the Samana Festival peacefully advocates for community-based eco-tourism as one of its many sustainable development alternatives. The Festival is but a mere  contribution in a larger battle, yet by attending you will bring evidence of the existing possibilities that can salvage the river and the plentiful natural life it fuels from their destruction.

We invite you to come, discover, and celebrate this magical place from January 21st to 24th, 2016. After a brief gathering and introductory speech by local leaders, the festival will depart from Medellin. Then let the good times roll in in the traditional Chiva truck and experience the infamous "transportation party" as you will enter the luxurious watershed. Enjoy the first evening celebrating in the riverside Finca of "Don Jesus", an emblematic character of the put-in. The next 2 days will lead you through a world of tropical rain forest and exhilarating whitewater, where you will paddle on the captivating waters of the Samana and interact with her down-to-earth inhabitants. Our descent will end upon our arrival to "Narrises", a bucolic village ripe with happiness and marvelous waterfalls. You guessed it, we will have a huge party there too! Traditional food and music guaranteed all night!
The final day will take us to the archeological site of "el Prodigio", a small locality soon to be leveled by the construction site. Our arrival to Medellin is planned at 6 PM.

 It might be the last and ultimate chance to witness the last flowing river of Antioquia, so please join in with this memorable journey and defend the natural legacy of the beautiful and mighty Samana.

This is a multiday festival through eastern Antioquia, and as a consequence the event is packed with lots of fun, strong emotions, pristine nature and cultural experience. The itinerary encounters class 4 whitewater, jungle camping and traveling via big 4x4 trucks on dirt roads through rugged landscapes. Undeniably, you have to be adventurous and in good shape to enjoy this festival. Depending on your experience with rivers and adventure, do not hesitate contacting us for further questions and inquiries.
Remember that this is a community event, where food and activity outline are provided. Participants must be self sufficient as of camping and traveling.


  • Experience the migthy Samana
  • Help protect the Samana
  • 4 day itinerary though Antioquia
  • The only Multiday River festival in Colombia


Day 1 :

Option 1 & 3:

7 AM : Meeting in Medellin confirmation & loading
9 AM : Departure with the Chiva
12 AM : On board lunch & official opening of the transport Party
14 PM : Arrival at puente Samana

Option 2 & 4 :

10 AM – 14 PM : Meet up at puente Samana
14 PM : Confirmation

All :

14-16 PM : Unload the Chiva / Set up in a hammock or a tent for the evening / Enjoy river side property
16-18 PM : Meeting and information about the hydroelectric project threatening the Samana
18-19 PM : Chill
19-21 PM : Classic “sancocho” made by local “abuelitas” + drinks
21 -.... PM : Chill, party*, music

Day 2 :

7 AM : Wake UP + breakfast
8AM : Pack up + loading of rafts and kayaks
9 30 AM : Official safety meeting
10 AM : Jump in your boats, it’s ON!
1 PM : Lunch in the canyon / relax & swim
5 PM : Arrival to camp spot / Set up for the night
7 PM : Our very own “spaghetti con pesto + chorizo” and much more
9 PM : Relax, you deserve it

Day 3 :

7 AM : Wake UP & pack up
8 AM : Breakfast
10 AM : More whitewater
1 PM : Arrival at the raft take out / exit or paddle “ BAGRE GORGE” class 5
3 PM : Welcome to Narrises / cool beers & celebration
4 PM : Set up camp in Narrises / Camping ground & hammock possible
6 PM : Go hunt for food in the village and discover the people!
8 PM : Last night / live Music and DJ / party

Day 4 :

10 AM : Wake UP & Coffee / Pack up
12 AM : Return to Puente Samana or Medellin / Chiva ride + crazy landscape

Kayak & Raft :

Your inscription includes transport, five meals and snacks, one night at the river side property (day 1), one night camping (day 2), one night in Narrises (day 3), music & DJ, two transportation parties, one t-shirt and one hat from the festival.

Raft specific :

On top of the above listed, a raft with an experienced guide, all rafting equipment, dry bags, safety instructions and a safety kayaker.

Remember that we are self support while on the river, so pack up light. Climate is WARM, water is WARM, no need for much!

1) A lunch for day 1 + money for drinks & extra

2) Sleeping set up* : A light weight tent and a small mattress + light blanket
A tarp + Hammock + light blanket

3) General : A long sleeve, lightweight top + pants, headlamp, knife, bowl and spoon, toiletry, sunscreen and bug repelent, water bottle.

4) On the river :
Kayaker : kayak, paddle, spray deck, helmet, lifejacket, good shoes, dry bags (minimum two 10-litre), rope.
Rafter : clothes for the river, a pair of good, closed shoes, 1 personal dry bag if you have it.


To give some flexibility to the participant, we have opened 4 different sign up options. There are two possible meeting point, one directly at the put in bridge, and one in Medellin.
You can also choose to get in a raft or a kayak, THERE IS A LIMIT OF 30 RAFT TICKETS

This is a non profit event, dedicated to good time, whitewater and to the conservation of a pristine river. Because the goal is to involve as many people as possible, preferential fare is available for Colombian participants.


Option 1 : Pick up in Medellin / Return to Medellin
Precio Colombiano: 300 000 Pesos / international price: 200 CAD / 170 USD / 160 EURO

Option 2 : Meet in Puente Samana / return to Puente Samana
Precio Colombiano: 250 000 Pesos / international price: 180 CAD / 160 USD / 150 EURO


Option 3 : Meet in Medellin / return to Medellin
Precio Colombiano: 550 000 Pesos / international price: 300 CAD / 250 USD / 240 EURO

Option 4 : Meet at Puente Samana / Return to Puente Samana
Precio Colombiano: 400 000 Pesos / international price: 280 CAD / 240 USD / 250 EURO