Paragliding Medellin is the absolute best way to see the stunning valley. Antioquia’s vast mountain ranges, consistent sunny days, and warm winds make for the ideal paragliding destination. This day adventure takes you to San Felix, 16 km from Medellín, to fly tandem with Colombia’s most experienced paragliding pilots. The fitness requirements for this trip are rated a 1 out of 5. You don’t have to worry about doing anything physically demanding unless you want to. Sit back, relax, and fly!


  • Tandem paragliding flight with experienced, certified pilot
  • Glide like a bird over mountains, waterfalls, and the city of Medellín
  • Fly anytime from 8 am to 4 pm* the earlier the better!



  • Meet in San Felix*, a town overlooking the city of Medellín
  • Join a bilingual guide to take a tandem paragliding flight, depending on weather conditions
  • No previous experience needed to fly with your instructor
  • Land where you launched from for an easy return transport to return to Medellin

*San Felix is located 30 minutes away from Medellín and accessible by public transport (ask us for help with directions or to arrange private transport for an additional cost).

Upon arrival to San Felix, meet your experienced paraglider pilot. Do a methodical assessment of the weather conditions with your pilot to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight. Once weather conditions are optimal, you will take a short walk to the take-off ramp, located on a sloping hill. Your instructor ensures the tandem paragliding equipment is properly set up, including helmet, harness, and leg, shoulder, and waist straps are connected with safety attachments. A tandem paraglider is built for a single pilot and a passenger and allows a person with no previous experience to fly with an instructor, who controls the paraglider. Follow instructions for how to run on take-off site, sit comfortably in your harness, and position yourself for landing. An assistant will help you and your tandem pilot take-off and then you will enjoy at least a 20 minutes flight.

Extend your trip with a morning hike to a beautiful waterfall to climb a beginner to intermediate rock climb (5.8 to 5.1). After your rock climb, enjoy a traditional Colombian lunch at mountainside restaurant with a stunning view of the city. Next, embark on your tandem paragliding flight and land in Medellín to receive easy transport back to Medellín. You also have the option to arrange a flight longer than 20 minutes at least 1 day in advance to your trip start date. 



Meet in San Felix

20 minute flight


30 minute flight



Private transport options from $100.000 COP for groups from 1 to 4 people and up depending on group size.

Pay directly at the Fly-zone.

*All our prices above do not include IVA.

  1. According to the Colombia tax system, foreigners are exempted for the IVA.
  2. For Colombian residents, citizens and foreigners living in Colombia for more than 6 months, 50 % of the total IVA will be charged and the other half will be covered by the company.
  3. For companies or agencies, the total IVA will be charged.

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