El Prodigio is one very hidden paradise, nested in between the pristine Jungle of eastern Antioquia and the Magdalena valley, near Rio Claro.

Long before Europeans even suspected Colombia existed, an intriguing indigenous culture called the “ Pantagoras “ inhabited the region. They used the countless caves and the overhanging limestone shelters to live, hunt, and also for ceremonial purposes.

In many of theses cave still remains ceramics, spears, arrow tips, many hints on how theses people lived.

After the civil war and violent events of the the 90’s in the area, the area became peaceful again. Proud locals, eager to finally explore their land, started to walk in the foot steps of the Pantagoras, and rediscovered over 28 impressive archaeological sites in a 30 kilometre radius.

Follow the local guides and let the petroglyphs and pictograms they found revive the Pantagoras culture in front of your eyes. 


  • Custom trips from 1-3 days
  • Specialized archeologist bilingual guide
  • Ideal to link up with Rio Samana or Rio Verde Rafting
  • Support locals in their conservation efforts
  • Far from the beaten path while meeting welcoming and hospitable locals



  • Drive from Medellin to El Prodigio ( 3.5 hours)
  • Discover the hamlet, the farms and the caves 
  • Custom trips from 1 to 3 days 
  • Homestay and local food
  • Expert billigual guides and drivers 

From Medellin, take a comfortable ride to El Prodigio. 

Enjoy homestays, nature hike, caving and farm visits alongside community leader. 

Get a unique insight on this unknown area of Colombia and go back in time to the Pre-Hispanic era.

This area, is also now under heavy mining and damming threats, and theses caves and petroglyphs might soon be turned into cement. By visiting this magical place, you will not only witness the messages of an ancient cultures, swim in crystal clear creeks and walk through dense tropical rain forest, but also contribute to Colombia’s peaceful transformation and the protection of her cultural and natural heritage.

Expedition Colombia simply connects you with local guides, organizes transport, and all the logistics for your trip. All profits goe straight to conservation efforts and to the locals



Ask us for a custom made Itinerary, from 1 to 3 days, with local guides, and get a unique insight on the hidden Colombia. 

For larger groups and groups who want to customize the trip, please contact us directly for the price. 100% deposit must be made 3 days before the trip, for last minute payment and reservation request contact Expedition Colombia. All payment must be done through our booking platform, or via a deposit in our Bancolombia bank account.

*All our prices above do not include IVA.

  1. According to the Colombia tax system, foreigners are exempted for the IVA.
  2. For Colombian residents, citizens and foreigners living in Colombia for more than 6 months, 50 % of the total IVA will be charged and the other half will be covered by the company.
  3. For companies or agencies, the total IVA will be charged.

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