Descendant of the Tayrona people, the inhabitants of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta from 2500 BC, the Kogi communities lives in total autonomy on their ancestral territories located on the flank of the highest coastal mountains in the world.

This 3 day experience offers you the unique opportunity to respectfully discover and share the Kogi people’s life style, traditions, stories, customs and culture as well as their strong connection to  Nature.

Get the privilege to be one of the few foreigners received by the Kogi community. Trek in the mountains and spend the nights in a traditional house, to come back with your head filled with changing memories.



  • Experience led by Kogi people
  • Unique insight on indigenous lifestyles
  • Expert Kogi guide and translator
  • Night in traditional house
  • Trek, relax and share with Kogi communities


IMPORTANT : Before booking, please, be conscious that Kogi Trek is a unique experience requiring to obey the rules of the community. Any inappropriate or offensive behaviour will lead to the immediate interruption of the trip.


  • Meet your guide at your hotel in Santa Marta
  • Travel to the village of Aracataca
  • Jump in a 4×4 to reach the Kogui Community where you’ll spend two nights
  • Get intoduced to the elders and the community
  • Share meals and myths of the Kogi Culture
  • Sleep in traditional house
  • Hike along the Tucurina River
  • Discover their fields and manufactures
  • Help Kogi in their daily life
  • Evening cultural exchange
  • Travel back to Santa Marta

Meet your professional and bilingual guide at 8 AM at your hotel in Santa Marta. Travel to the little town of Aracataca, 1.5 hours away from Santa Marta. This part of the trip is planned with public transport. Please ask us for private transportation (extra cost).

Enjoy a guided tour of Aracataca, source of inspiration for the famous Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Macondo, the imaginary village where his most famous novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude” takes places, is said to be inspired from Aracataca, where his grand-parents lived. Discover the magical ambience of the place before having lunch at a local restaurant. 

Jump in a 4×4 and follow non-paved roads to reach the Kogi village. Be welcomed by an interpreter and start your introduction to the Kogi culture. Finish your day with a swim at near by waterfalls before sharing dinner with the community.

Meet the Mamo, spiritual leader of the Kogi and install yourself with him at the center of the village, for a sincere cultural exchange. Sleep in a traditional Kogi hut.

Start your day with a solid breakfast and a cold shower, with water coming straight from the peak Bolivar, Colombia’s highest summit!

Follow the Tucurina river for a moderate 3-hour-long walk, passing by the coffee, avocado and cocoa fields of the community. Reach a suspension bridge crossing the river, also marking the delimitation between two different territories. Have lunch before walking back to the village, observing the amazing fauna and flora that changes with the variation of height of this natural scenery. Your Kogi host will help you gain his people’s perspective on nature and their way to perceive the world.

Relax before dinner, and continue sharing stories and myths with the community before sleeping.

After breakfast, follow your guide to learn about agricultural practice of the Kogi people. On your way, visit the local school and the women’s tradiitonal weaving of locally made cotton thread.

Reach the fields and discover their diversity : yuca, rice, plantain, cocoa and sugarcane. Assist at the transformation of the sugarcane into “panela”, a non-refined sugar, used as an energetic drink. 

Continue to a natural pool to enjoy a refreshing swim before having lunch with a Kogi family. You will be shown how they weave their multicolor traditional backpack.

Before leaving, get the chance to taste “Ayo” the traditional sacred Coca leaf, key to the Kogi’s philosophy and thoughs.

Say good-bye to everyone before driving back to Aracataca and then to Santa Mart



Joined group of 3+


Solo Private


2 Person Private


3 Person Private


4 Person Private



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