Discover the other side of the chocolate world through the interactive cocoa tour of a small farm in Eastern Antioquia.

The farmers are also eager to share how Cacao has become an important part of their lives as a substitution crops for Coca leaves since 2007.

Enjoy the local’s perspective with your bilingual guide and interpreter.

If coffee is recognized as emblematic of Colombia, cocoa is not left behind! Walk the field, harvest, and process your OWN Chocolate!

After tasting and a 100 % locally sourced lunch, head into the jungle for a Cacao therapy at stunning waterfalls.

Short hike – bring swimsuit & good shoes!


  • From Cacao to Chocolate - Make your own!
  • Farm discovery - Exotic fruits and goods
  • Locally sourced lunch - Cacao therapy
  • Jungle hike, Waterfall swim, views
  • Community project - Be part of positive change



  • Meet your driver / bilingual guide in the meeting point in Medellin
  • Visit the farm and discover the whole chocolate process
  • Enjoy a 100% locally sourced lunch (vegetarian and vegan options)
  • Walk through the domain to reach some hidden waterfalls where you can swim
  • Enjoy the benefit of the Cocoa-therapy
  • Take the transport back to Medellin, arriving around 6 PM

Meet your bilingual guide at the Cocoa farm, less than two hours from Medellin city, or arrange private transportation from your doorstep (contact us for details)

Meet the farmer and start a visit of the cocoa plantations. Discover the different strains, and how the fruit is cultivated before the transformation process. Make your own, from the tree to the candy! 

Enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by the community running the farm and listen to the locals telling the history of the region. This valley was a geurilla and narcos strong hold for more than 20 years, but is now an iconic example of Colombia’s positive transformation in the past 10 years.

Explore the near by jungle and reach stunning waterfalls. Discover the benefits of our cocoa therapy, a local tradition to exfoliate the skin with a cocoa bath, before jumping into the crystal clear water pools at the bottom of the waterfalls! 

After this invigorating experience, hike back to the farm and get a chance to sample more locally made chocolate and candies, before catching the bus or your private transport to Medellin!

Extend your stay in the area of San Francisco by spending the night in a nice country house with beautiful view on the mountains !

On the following day join a rafting trip or a daily trek in the area.


Solo Private


With your own transport (4 o +)


COP /Each
2 Person Private


3 Person Private


Group rate 4 Person & up



Contact us if you wish to arrange private transportation.

100% deposit must be made before the trip, for last minute payment and reservation request contact Expedition Colombia. All payment must be done through our booking platform, or via a deposit in our Bancolombia bank account.

*All our prices above do not include IVA.

  1. According to the Colombia tax system, foreigners are exempted for the IVA.
  2. For Colombian residents, citizens and foreigners living in Colombia for more than 6 months, 50 % of the total IVA will be charged and the other half will be covered by the company.
  3. For companies or agencies, the total IVA will be charged.

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