Our non-profit Fundación Yumaná is the catalyst for our mission to celebrate and protect Colombian river ecosystems and river communities. Fundación Yumaná, a group of lawyers, advocates, and tourism operators, collaborate with grassroots community leaders to influence river management decisions so that Colombia has swimmable, drinkable and fishable water.

Our community-run advocacy river festivals unite Colombians from all sides of the political spectrum and travelers from across the globe on the human right to clean water.

Samana Fest brings people of all backgrounds together to support an economic model in Colombia based on the protection of a vital rainforest and river ecosystems and the cultural stability of the region. We aren’t anti- hydro-electric dams or anti-mining, but we are for creating better, sustainable solutions for developing river communities. We know tourism plays a responsible role in shaping Colombia’s peaceful future as we employ Colombians to stimulate the local economy, invest in local guide’s language skills and professional guide training, source local products from farming communities, and use our global network to support local needs. Together, we can negotiate with the Colombian government and with companies to ensure river communities have access to clean, drinkable, fishable rivers, or at the minimum, secure their human right to clean water.


  • 2 day whitewater rafting festival celebrating the Samana River
  • Performances, speeches, and advocacy activities at Samana Bridge & the fishing community of Narices
  • Brainstorming, networking, and uniting people to work towards a sustainable development solution
  • Participate in the online social media campaign to save the Samana River:

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Expedition Colombia is a collective of dedicated guides, conservationists and professional athletes. We are passionate about the use of adventure tourism as a tool to protect Colombia’s cultural and natural treasures.

Over years of exploration we have discovered Colombia’s unlimited potential for multi-sport experiences and have created a unique line-up of expeditions to help you discover the hidden paradises that exist here.


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