We invite you to discover the exotic diversity of the Caribbean coast by traveling from Santa Martha, to Minca and the Sierra Nevada mountains, all the way to the iconic beaches of the Tayrona Park! 


Meet your professional bilingual guide in Santa Marta and head into the Sierra Nevada. Rising out of the Caribbean sea, the mountains make up the world’s highest coastal range. The ecosystems transform from jungle and desert to snow-capped peaks. 

Begin your Caribbean coast adventure with a visit to the tranquil village of Minca, nestled in the foothills of the mountains.

From Minca and up, there is no paved roads, so jump on a 4*4 for 1 hour, until reaching the “Finca la Victoria”. The plantation has been in operation since the late 1800s and has kept it’s traditional ways. Learn about the coffee-making process from the seed to the cup. Take a break for a homemade lunch at the Hacienda and After sampling a fine selection of coffee, drive for 20 minutes to La Tagua, where the trail begins.

Hike up the mountain on a short 30 minute walk, and reach the  “Finca Santa Elena”, where you will spend the night. 

Enjoy breathtaking views over ice-capped peaks and the ocean bellow. During this homestay, your hosts will not only surprise you with their tasty meals, but also with their wild stories and incredible knowledge of the mountains. 

Rise early! Today, you get to see something special!

Witness the sunrise over the ocean, as the first rays of light also hit the ice-capped mountains in the back ground! A spectacle to be enjoyed coffee in hand, on the deck of the Hacienda.

After breakfast, begin the 2 1/2 hour trek to the Mirador of the Cerro Kennedy. 

 Learn about the history of the region and native flora and fauna in the second most biodiverse country in the world. Once at the Mirador, discover an unforgettable view over the tallest mountains of the Sierra Nevada  +5000 meters tall), the Cerro Kennedy.

Enjoy a well-deserved snack and soak in the beautiful surroundings.

When you are ready, hike back down to the “Finca Santa Elena”.  A bountiful local lunch will be served.

In the afternoon drive, return to the road and drive down to the coast. Follow the shoreline for 2 hours until reaching  the “Taironaka Natural Reserve”. Stay in comfortable cabanas by the Don Diego river, and appreciate the new taste brought from the ocean, rice coco with fresh fish!

Enjoy a restful morning in a charming ambiance. After breakfast, discover the reserve, it’s archeological site and it’s museum. It features over 300 pieces of pre-Hispanic artifacts such as axes, jewelry and vases.

In the afternoon float along the Don Diego River in kayaks or inflatable tubes. The warm river winds through the jungle. While floating under the overhanging trees, you will surely get to catch a good view on howler monkeys and tropical birds.

Your float ends where the river meets the ocean! Wander in the estuary, swim in the waves and relax on the beach, before taking a boat ride back to Taironaka. At night, dine on local specialties.

After breakfast at the lodge, depart for the famous Tayrona National Park. After a short drive, enjoy a 2 hour trek on the coastline, and reach Colombia’s Caribbean coast most iconic beaches!

Decide to relax, or follow the hike until The ” Pueblito” an impressive archeological site belonging to the Tayrona people.

Hikes can be custom-suited to your physical ability and craving for adventure. After the hike, cool off in the turquoise water.

Return to Santa Marta (2 h) in the evening. Let us drop you off at the location of your choice, thanks for traveling with us!


The trek to Cerro Kennedy is moderate trek. No physical preparation is needed, the more physically fit you are the more enjoyable the activities will be. For adventure seekers, the treks can be made harder.


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